Frequently Asked Question

Q: Who owns the recorded material?

All the recorded material is the property of the client, this includes both the masters and the camera footage.

Q: How long is all the footage stored for?

We store footage and the edit files for a period of 3 years unless otherwise required.

Q: Will camera operators block the view for delegates?

No, our cameras operators will always be positioned so they do not block anybodys view. We also ensure that the recording of the event in no way impedes on the running of the event.

Q: How long will it take to get the end product online?

As early as a week, however this does depend on how busy our edit suites are. We schedule editing time when we take the initial booking. Therefore, if you book your event early, you have a good chance of getting the end product back within a week.

Q: Will we be able to capture audience questions?

Yes, however we will need to know if you wish to do so in advance as to catch the audience questions we require microphones in the audience. Then the delegates can either come up to a microphone to ask their questions or have staff in the audience take a radio microphone to the audience members.

Q: Can you record multiple rooms at once?

Absolutely, we know that many events run multiple rooms simutaneously therefore we can have multiple camera operators working the different rooms at the same time.

Q: Do you film in widescreen?

Yes, we can film in whichever format you require. Regardless of the end requirement we record all events at the highest quality that we can.

Q: Do you only record events in major capital cities?

We can record an event held anywhere in the world. However our 3 Production Level packages are costed for recording in the major capital cities in Australia. Talk to us about our cost for regional or international services.

Q: What impact will recording my event have on my presenters?

When recording your event we understand the last thing your presenters will want to do is significantly alter how they usually present or have to install additional software on their laptops. From the presenters’ standpoint, recording their presentation will be as unobtrusive as connecting their laptops and testing their microphones. We endeavor to keep our technology transparent and allow your presenters to present as they typically do.

Q: Can you caputre the laser pointer?

Yes, we have a couple of effective tecniques for recording the laser pointer. One option is, we supply an iPad that the presenter uses to replace there slide changer and laser pointer. Using a pen or their finger the presenter can point on the screen like laser a pointer or they may chosse to write on the screen over the slides. All this can be recorded in used in the final product.