How Our Packages Work

We understand how important time is to an event organizer. The last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to work out how you are going to record your event and how much its going to cost. With this in mind we have designed 3 simple packages for recording and editing your event with a simple pricing model that delivers you a fixed price quote.

To decide which of the 3 production levels you would like to use you can view a sample video of all 3 levels on the right hand side of this page.

Once you have decided on the level required calculate the number of hours of your event that you wish to record, (not the overall time of your event so you exclude breaks) as this is what we will charge you for. Our packages include the first 3 hours of recorded content and you can purchase additional hours.

If you require less then 3 hours recorded please contact us for pricing.

Our cost is fully inclusive and includes operators, equipment, editing, media stock and travel and accommodation. Our packages are available in all major capital cities within Australia.

The end product will be provided to you in a format ready to either upload to the internet or burn to DVD.

Custom Packages

If your requirements don’t fit into one of our 3 production level packages we can tailor make a package to suit your needs with a fixed price.

Call us on 1300 661 769 to discuss how we can customize a package for you.


Production Packages

We have a number of packages, from which you can choose the production level you require and they are divided into three levels. All our packages include our travel and accommodation, recording, editing and publishing to the internet or DVD.

Our basic level is simply the audio with one camera, an option with just audio and the PowerPoint slides is available. Our second level involves two visual feeds, either the projected slides and one camera or two camera plus the audio. This package enables us to edit between the projected slides and the camera or between two cameras. Our third level includes the audio, two camera and the projected slides.

Production Level 1B

1x Camera and the audio.Production Level 1B

Production Level 2A

Projected slides + 1 x Camera and the audio. Production Level 2A

Production Level 2B

2 x Cameras and the audio. Production Level 2B

Production Level 3

Projected slides + 2 x Cameras and the audio. Production Level 3

* plus gst


You can view a sample of three of our productions levels below.

Production Level 1A

Production Level 2A

Production Level 3


To find out the cost of our production levels
please call us on 1300 661 769