Additional Services

  • Promotional Web-Videos

  • Video is a great way to promote your upcoming event via the Internet. We have the experience to help you create short web based promotional videos to enhance your online marketing campaigns.

  • Subtitles

  • We can add subtitles to your event recording in just about any language.

  • Interviews

  • We can arrange back stage or green room interviews for your keynote presenters and testimonials from your delegates. While onsite there is also a variety of additional footage we can capture for you.

  • Multi Camera Events

  • Our packages include up to two cameras, however there is no limitation to how many cameras we can use to capture your event.

  • Multi Room Events

  • Many events run multiple rooms at the same time and we are able record it all.

  • Webcasting
  • By live editing your event we can broadcats it live on the internet, the size of your audience is limitless. All webcasts are then availabe on-demand following the event.

  • Animated Graphics

  • We can utilise animated graphics throughout your presentation or limit the use to just the opening titles.

  • PowerPoint Design

  • Are you sick of boring PowerPoint slides? Our graphic design department can design an eyecatching, well branded template for you.

  • DVD Production

  • We can arrange the manufacturing of your DVD from one copy to one million copies.




Most presenters not only talk but use a variety of images onscreen to enhance their presentation. We can record all the video feeds being sent to the projector from laptops, tablet PC's, portable whiteboards, document cameras and digital instrumentation.

Using a camera to capture the presenter creates a more personal and interactive learning experience for the viewer as they feel like the presenter is addressing them directly. The camera captures facial expressions and body language of the presenter that is not always possible to see from the audience of a large auditorium or conference venue.
There are many camera positons we can set up, both manned and un-manned to capture your speakers and the audiences.

Audio is another key element of the recording process. While recording we continuously monitor the audio signal to ensure we have a high quality audio product.

We work with your AV supplier to ensure the area we are recording is correctly lit and the audio signal they provide is compatible with our systems.


Video editing is the process of compiling segments of motion video, special effects, titles and sound recordings altogether in the production process.

There are two ways we can edit your event; live editing and studio editing. Live editing is more complex, it involves editing the various visual and audio streams together into a finished product in real time as the event takes place. The advantages of live editing is that we can broadcast or webcast your event live and you can have the finished product at the end of the day.

Studio editing involves taking all the footage we have recorded and loading it into a digital edit suite. A studio editor then edits your event to create the end product. Studio editing allows us to be more specific and accurate during the process. In some cases we may utilize both live and studio editing to record an event.



Online PublishingNow that you have recorded your event it’s time to share it with your online delegates from all over the world. Online delivery of your content is simple, you can choose to use a free service like YouTube or we can build you a customized website that controls who can see your content and how much they pay for access.

If you want to stream your event live over the internet there are a variety of formats that can be used depending on your requirements and the venue’s internet access.

DVD and USB are a great way to publish your content - they are a stable and convenient and are able to be watched offline on a variety of devices. We can arrange the manufacturing of your DVD from one or more copies including cover design and custom navigational menus. more information on publishing